Mark T.White - film & television composer




Purpose built Studio, acoustically designed with a frequency floating control room and separate machine room.

I regularly use a selection of first class Orchestral, Jazz & Rock session musicians, collectively known as the SIKORSKY FILM & CHAMBER ORCHESTRA, for commissioned works, concerts and CD recordings.





Sony DMX-R100 24 bit/96k digital surround sound console
TLA - Valve Desk
Focusrite Mic Pre Amps
Lexicon Reverb.
Tannoy Studio Gold Monitoring
Samson Amps

Apple Mac G4 dual 450 - Logic Audio Platinum - v6.

Digital Video & VHS. SMPTE Locked Picture
All "studio clock" locked by aardvark.

Digidesign Pro Tools - 24 bit HD digital recording system
Tascam DA 88 - 8 track digital recorder
ATR 60 - 16 track, 1 inch analogue recorder


 Mastering - Apple Mac 9600 with Digidesign Sound Tools - 24 Bit Mastering
                        DAT , Sony F1 system, CDR, DVD authoring and Tascam DA88 for Surround mixes





Grand Piano -

Yamaha C3 - 6'3"  
Microphones -

Schopes, Neuman, Beyer, AKG, Shure, Crown


Keyboards -

Akai S3200 Sampler, Yamaha TX16W, Korg Trinity Pro V3, Korg SG Pro x,
Korg M1R, Emu Vintage Keys, Korg DSS1, Roland D50, Roland Juno 106


Guitars etc. - Gibson SG, Washburn Acoustic and many other tuneful things!